Alabama School Closings

While many states and school districts across the country have been hit by the flu this year, it seems that Alabama has been hit particularly hard. In fact, with so many schools around the state closed due to the illness, the governor has declared a state of emergency. If you’re a student in Alabama, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve been spending a lot more time at home than you’re used to this winter, as your school has been forced to close time and time again over the last few weeks. As a parent, the last thing you probably want to hear from the school is that school is closed. But as a parent you have to have a backup plan in place, because you never know how you will get notified that school is cancelled or closed.


Find out the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays. View all the school closures, delays and cancellations from around Alabama and its surrounding communities.
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Kimberly Lee
Kimberly Lee
1 year ago

Are Colbert County Schools closed tomorrow?

Gavin wright
Gavin wright
1 year ago

will all morgan county schools be closed on Tuesday march 17

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