Arkansas School Closings

When a school is closed for the day, there are a number of different reasons for the closure. While it’s not uncommon for schools to close due to inclement weather, it is far more common for schools to close because of teacher absences, even if the weather is perfect. School districts in Arkansas had to make difficult decisions this winter, as they had to figure out how to deal with the effects of the frigid temperatures. Many school districts chose to delay the opening of schools to allow students and staff to arrive at school safely. Others had to close schools due to the weather, or even cancel school entirely.


Find out the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays. View all the school closures, delays and cancellations from around Arkansas and its surrounding communities.
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Arkansas School Closings Alerts

Arkansas School Closings Alerts (More)

View the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays for Arkansas:

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2 years ago

is warren school distric closed

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