Edmonson Schools Closing Monday and Tuesday For Illness

(Edmonson County, Kentucky)
Superintendent of Edmonson County Schools Brian Alexander has announced that all EC schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, November 21st and 22nd due to illness. This means an entire week off school with the addition of Thanksgiving break on Weds-Fri.

NTI days will be used for the closure.

The entire statement from Mr. Alexander is published below:

“Yesterday and today, attendance has dipped to 85%. At 85%, we are losing money by staying open.  

With this in mind, we will be closed on Monday 11/21/22 and Tuesday 11/22/22. These will be NTI days 1 and 2 for the 2022-2023 school year. This will give students an opportunity for 9 days away from each other so that we can hopefully curtail the spread of Flu A & B and Strep, which seem to be the culprits of our sickness.

The following will go along with this closure:

Teachers and staff will come in and work the full day in the building on Monday 11/21/22. Custodians will clean. Principals may conduct meetings; however, distancing during these meetings will be recommended. If you are not able to report to work on Monday and Tuesday as directed, a sick day may be used.
Teachers and staff, except custodians, will work a half day in the buildings on Tuesday, 11/22/22, and will work remotely the remainder of the NTI day on Tuesday. Custodians will report at 11:00 am on Tuesday and fog the entire school.  
Extracurricular activities will be allowed through Tuesday.  
Once buildings are fogged Tuesday, teachers and staff are asked to stay out of the building.

This is a tough decision to make; however, it is what is best for the kids of Edmonson County at this time.”

–Thank you for your understanding.
Brian Alexander

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