Iowa School Closings

As you’re probably already aware, Iowa has been battered by a series of snow storms this week. To keep you informed about school closings and delays across the state, the Iowa School Closings blog has launched. Here you’ll find updated information from each of Iowa’s school districts. If your school is closed or delayed, you’ll be able to find the information about it here.


Find out the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays. View all the school closures, delays and cancellations from around Iowa and its surrounding communities.

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Latest School Delays and Cancellations News

Latest Iowa School Calendars

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Angie himschoot
Angie himschoot
3 years ago

Are there any a school dalays or closings for Friday February 8 2019 in Iowa?

Irene Strickland
Irene Strickland
4 years ago

are schools closed in Tama Iowa 1/24/2019 plus will there be any school next week.?????

irene strickland
irene strickland
4 years ago

are schools closed 1/24/2019 ???

School Closings and Delays for Tomorrow