Is school closed today on Columbus Day 2022? (Oct. 10, 2022)

Columbus Day Weekend has come, which means a day off work and an extended three-day weekend to relax during the long weekend. But what does the approach of the holiday imply for the children in our lives who are still in school?

School is in session for the year, which means kids around the United States are currently attending courses throughout the week, as many schools begin their new school year in late August. This can make it difficult to determine if pupils get the day off from school in the same way that many people get the day off from work.

So, what does the Columbus Day holiday entail for students? Will there be school on Monday, October 10? Or are schools closed on Columbus Day to mark the holiday?

Is school going to be open on Columbus Day 2022?

Because Columbus Day is a federal holiday, most government buildings, such as the post office, banks, and DMV, will be closed. However, not all schools will be closed on Monday for the holiday. Because Columbus Day is a holiday that not every school district acknowledges, schools in certain areas may take the day off, while others will continue to hold classes as usual. If you are unsure whether your school district will observe the holiday, we recommend that you visit your school’s official website. You should be able to examine the school’s holiday calendar there, which will clarify whether or not lessons will be held on Monday. You can also get closing information on your school district’s social media profiles, as many are on Twitter and Facebook.

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