Several school districts in KY, IN closing Tuesday, Nov. 22,2022


A few school districts surrounding Louisville are closing on Tuesday due to an uptick illnesses.

Here is a list of what schools are closing along with why and whether non-traditional learning or make-up days will be involved:
Bullitt County: Closed

Bullitt County Public Schools Superintendent Jesse Bacon announced Tuesday’s closure via Facebook Monday afternoon, citing a recent rise in flu and other illnesses in the community.

He said they hoped to get to the Thanksgiving holiday days out without any interruption to the school schedule, but attendance dropped to 88% district-wide with some schools in the 70% range. That came along with 192 staff members out and only 53% of those absences covered by substitutes.

Those are the numbers used to explain the move which is intended to give time for cleaning and sanitizing school buildings and classrooms.

LaRue County: Closed

In a short Facebook post, the district said it will be closed Tuesday.

It will not be an NTI day, but not further details were provided.

Shelby County: Closed

Shelby County Public Schools announced via Facebook that they were seeing an attendance rate of 92.15% last Thursday, and that was enough for them to call Tuesday off.

Shelby County said their closure will also NOT be an NTI day due to much of their staff being out for illnesses.

“We will call a special meeting of the Board of Education to request to change our PLD day on Dec. 9 to a regular day of instruction as a make-up day,” said the post. “We ask that you plan appropriately for this make-up day of instruction where, if approved by the Board, all students will be required to attend.”

Parents are asked to make sure their contact information is correct in Infinite Campus at their child’s school.

Silver Creek: NTI

Finally, Silver Creek School Corporation in southern Indiana is also closing on Tuesday, but they will participate in asynchronous eLearning.

The school system said in a Facebook post that students would receive more information from their teacher or principal on Monday.

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