South Carolina Department of Education Latest School Closings and Delays

As the winter brings snow and ice, school systems across the country are forced to close schools for the day, or delay the start of classes. The reason for closing schools is usually due to bad weather conditions, such as snow or icy roads. However, there may be other reasons to close schools, such as an unexpected drop in attendance or a disastrous health outbreak. Whatever the reason for the closing, school systems use different methods to communicate their decision, which means that some school systems are more reliable than others.


Get the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays. View school closures for South Carolina from South Carolina Department of Education.

The South Carolina Department of Education is the state education agency of South Carolina. It is headquartered in Columbia at the Rutledge Building.-Wikipedia

Latest School Delays and Cancellations News

Latest South Carolina School Calendars

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School Closings and Delays for Tomorrow