100.7 MIX FM Latest School Closings and Delays

When a school closes, it often takes parents by surprise. It can also make it tough for working parents, who are stuck trying to figure out how to get their children to and from school. Many parents wonder how school officials know whether to close or delay school, given that some closings and delays are called and others aren’t.


Get the latest school closings, cancellations, and delays. View school closures for Indiana from 100.7 MIX FM. 100.7 MIX-FM supplying the Wabash Valley with today’s hit music, local news, weather and events.

WMGI, “100.7 Mix FM”, is an FM radio station owned by Midwest Communications, Inc. in Terre Haute, Indiana.-Wikipedia

Latest School Delays and Cancellations News

Latest Indiana School Calendars

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School Closings and Delays for Tomorrow